Almost Home Pet Farm is the only free roaming dog facility in the Maryland area. We offer an opportunity for your dog to stay active and stimulated while you’re away. We have two goals:

  1. To make you wish you were a dog! We think that when you see our facility you will wish you were a dog!
  2. To make your dog happy and sleepy! We want your dog to have such a good time and get all their energy out that when they come home with you they can’t do anything else but pass out.

We think these are pretty good goals! Our has 5 employees that manage the farm and watch the dogs. Additionally, the owner and CEO is a retired veterinarian. While he doesn’t practice or provide medical care for animals on site, he at least knows what to look for which means your pets won’t have critical concerns missed.

We hope you take the time to check us out! Fee free to visit anytime!