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We started our company in 2011 at Aurora and have already earned a reputation for providing one of the best services in our area.

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We provide a number of services for your dog in our facility. We ensure that your dog gets the best care from us.

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If you are looking for a trusted and experienced dog care provider for your dog then you can contact us.

About Almost Home Pet Farm

Welcome to Almost Home Pet Farm! We provide daycare, boarding, basic grooming and other services for your dog. We try to understand your needs and your dog's individual needs in order to provide you with the best service possible. Unlike other doggie daycares, our facility is completely cage free! While that may not sound like a big deal, do a little research and you will be surprised to see how many facilities rely on kennels for a large part of the day. We provide playtime and social time as well for your dog so that they can interact with the other dogs in the facility. Here, your dog will have the freedom to run and play. We always ensure a positive and safe experience for your dog.

If your doggie day care is using kennels to house your dog? What's the point?!

We provide playtime and social time as well for your dog so that they can interact with the other dogs in the facility. Here, your dog will have the freedom to run and play. We always ensure a positive and safe experience for your dog.

What we do

We provide the best daycare service for your dog. Working with us is the next best thing to having your dog home! With our doggie day care service, your pet is almost home! Unless it is needed for medical or behavior concerns, your pet will not spend a minute in a kennel while in our care. Our facility doubles as both a home and doggie day care. While there are parts of our home that the dogs won't have access to most of our home is open to your dog. That means they can relax on the couch- just like at home!

Our Requirements


Dogs that are more than three months old must be neutered. While this may seem a bit strict to some owners, we are firm believers in pediatric neutering! A neuter is a much less invasive surgery as compared to a spay and makes dog to dog interactions in our care much easier. Even better, neutering early makes sure that unwanted litter are prevented! It also prevents less desirable behaviors like urine marking and roaming. Still not convinced, check out the American Veterinary Medical Association guidelines! 

Dogs must be non-aggressive towards humans. We realize human aggression can be very tough to manage as predicting what will set it off can be very tough. Regardless, we have great difficulty caring for these types of dogs. However, our staff are very experienced and we can handle some occasional fear aggression. But we it comes to assertive-aggressive dogs we have a lot more trouble. We rarely make exceptions but if your dog has worked with a reputable trainer who feels your pet is safe for our daycare we can consider caring for your dog. Need a reputable breeder in Aurora? We highly recommend Tanya and her team at Pavlov Dog Training. 

Dogs must not be aggressive towards other dogs. Again, we realize this one can be tough to manage and while your dog may not be aggressive towards all dogs, any aggression is enough. Remember, we aren't just caring for your dog but we have a whole household of canine friends that we need to take care of. We can't risk all our dogs for the care of one and because we are kennel free we don't have the capability to separate aggressive dogs. We can make an exception for food and treat aggression but no other type of canine aggression.

Dogs must be vaccinated and have had a full veterinary exam within the last year. Vaccines must include core vaccines (Distemper, Parvovirus, and Bordetella) as well as Leptospirosis and Rabies. We require that all dogs receive a veterinary exam within the last year in order to ensure that your dog is safe and that all other dogs in our care are safe. We would hate for an existing condition to become worse while in our care or for an existing condition to affect the other dogs in our care. Additionally, we need current veterinary records in case an emergency occurs while your dog is in our care. Need a great veterinarian in Aurora? We wholeheartedly recommend the veterinary team at Parkside Animal Health Center in Aurora. 

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We take our time to know each pet so that we can provide individual care for them. We have a special program for small dogs. We don’t overcrowd our facility so that we can provide our dogs a stress-free boarding experience. We love dogs and we give them the best care they need.

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