What Is Kennel Free Doggie Day Care?

Are you interested in taking your dog to a doggy daycare? The average day care has cages that they use when your pet is not socializing with others in the play yard or room. In a busy doggy daycare, your pup can end up spending quite a bit of time in their cage.

In a kennel free doggy daycare, there are no cages or kennels that your pampered pet will be languishing in most of their time, instead of socializing with other dogs. While not a new concept, it is one that is slowly taking hold in the doggy daycare niche.

Kennel free means the dogs have free run on a large property that has been fenced in for security and safety. There are rooms indoors for play and if it is inclement weather outside. Some of the activities that could be included are:

· Running free in the large yard

· Swimming in the pools

· Playing ball with other dogs

· Digging in a pile of dirt

· Get attention lavished on them from the attendants

Older dogs can enjoy our office, or just watch the pack with one of the attendants. Most offer grooming at a special rate for customers. You will have to have a health certificate from your vet that states all of the shots are complete and your pet is parasite-free.

Kennel free doggy daycare can be a good thing if your pet does not do well when left home alone while you work and he or she enjoys having plenty to explore and room to run. They have to play well with others, an aggressive dog is not allowed for the safety of other dogs and the staff. Make sure the fencing used is adequate and that your dog isn’t a jumper to avoid any accidental escapes.

Using a kennel free doggy daycare has lots of canine advantages!





Spay And Neuter For Happier Pets

At Almost Home Pet Farm we take the care of your canine friend quite seriously. We love all our animals on our farm and work diligently to ensure all are healthy, happy and cage free! Part of this involves ensuring that all our pets are spayed and neutered. While spaying and neutering has always been a big part of proper pet care, it has only really started to take off in Maryland. Across the country there are mobile spay neuter services that are staffed with veterinarians and technicians who perform up to 50 surgeries a day!

But pet over population is still a problem! There are still more animals than homes and this causes unwanted side effects. Whether that means too many animals in shelters or too many cats digging up your backyard having too many animals in the world is a problem that affects everyone.

But more than that, there is the health of the pet too. Providing a spay surgery can prevent dangerous conditions like pyometra or ovarian cancer. It will also stop your dog from going into heat which while infrequent is quite an inconvenience. For more information check out pros and cons of spaying and neutering

And for the cats, spaying and neutering prevents a variety of unwanted behaviors like spraying, loud meowing and everything associated with going into heat.

At Almost Home Pet Farm we don’t use cages. We have fences but no fence is perfect if a  dog is determined enough. Neutered dogs are much less likely to roam (since they don’t need to look for a mate) As a result Almost Home Pet Farm requires that all male dogs are neutered before being able to stay at our facility. Besides making your dog less likely to get testicular or other reproductive cancers, it also makes them way less likely to escape and get hit by a car. Not to mention the benefits to aggression!